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Pulikottil Homeo Clinic

Our objective of propagating Homeopathy is to reach out to millions of patients all over the world, particularly those in the third-world countries who are finding it increasingly difficult to treat themselves with costly medicines of other healing systems. Our aim is to propagate this excellent healing system to the poort and down trodden who are seeking medical help to cure their chronic ailments at minimal costs and to find lasting solutions. Homeopathy has provied itself in treating every conceivable type of health care situation by millions of patients all over the world. Homeopathy does not use any synthetic substances but relies on the healing properties inherent in plants, minerals and even animal substances. They are used in their whole, natural state and not as isolated chemicals. Homeopathy is without any side-effects, whatsoever. There is no risk of poisoning. These remedies act as catalysts, assisting all the body's natural processes, rather than interfering with their natural functions. In this sense, the remedies are gentle, rather than violent respecting and preserving intricate mechanisms of the biological systems. Consultations are available for: Acne, Angina Pectoris, Asthma, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Bronchitis, Dispnoea, Diabetes Mellitus, Ganglia, Kidney Stones, Gall Bladder Stones, Insomnia, Impotency, Jaundice, Menstrual Disorders, Tuberculosis, Tumors, etc. Currently once online consultations are available. Please contact at the email address given

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Pulikottil House St. Thomas Street Kuriachira -480006, Thrissur

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